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Tenant Monitoring of Landlords Base Build Works

When a Landlord agrees to carry out base build works as part of an Agreement for Lease, it is essential that a tenant monitors the works for the following reasons;

  • To ensure the works being carried out meet the requirements of the tenant.
  • To ensure the works being carried out and the products used are to a satisfactory standard. The tenant they may be liable for the repair and maintenance of the base build installations throughout the term of the lease. If sub-standard products are used or the building is poorly constructed, the tenant is likely to incur higher dilapidation costs at the end of term.
  • To ensure the full extent of the Landlords Base Build works are clearly documented within the Lease. This will ensure there are no ambiguities at the end of the term with regards to reinstatement obligations.

Features of Monitoring Landlords Base Build Works:

  1. Monitoring the Landlords works will ensure the works are carried out to the correct standard.
  2. It can reduce future maintenance costs and avoid disruption to your business during the term.
  3. It will ensure the build complies with the specification and reduces “value engineering” and the use of inferior products, reducing dilapidation liability in the future.
  4. It can enable you to benefit from any guarantees or warrantees available, reducing the repairing liability for defects.
  5. It will ensure clarity as to the basebuild installation and reinstatement obligation at the end of term.

TFT has vast experience in project monitoring on behalf of tenants, landlords and developers. By involving TFT at an early stage, we are able to ensure the design of the landlord’s base build installations meets your requirements and the products used and the quality of workmanship are to an acceptable standard and your benefit from warranties and guarantees.